What Does Your Aftershave Say About You?

What Does Your Aftershave Say About You?

We all have that one mate who wears far too much aftershave, right?

You know, the one you can smell before you see him. Do you have the heart to tell him that most women find it a turn off? We do.

With such a huge selection of fragrances available, it can be hard to find one that compliments you. Not all aftershaves smell good on everyone. This is important! Just because your best mate smells good wearing the latest Hugo Boss, does not mean it will smell as alluring on you.

Humans are sensitive to smell. As one of the senses, it plays a vital part in creating a picture of our surroundings. Smells can evoke memories and set off hidden emotions. If used correctly though, a well-chosen fragrance such as Adventure by Davidoff can help you on your quest to attract the opposite sex.

Important – PLEASE READ

If you take anything away from this post, it is this: Do not cover yourself in aftershave!

Us men have a tendency to soak ourselves in the latest high street branded fragrance. We spray our face, neck, chest, clothes and even our groin area with layers of over-the-top scents in an attempt to drown out our rivals. From the moment we leave for a night out to the time we get home, we leave a heady trail of low, mid and top notes in our wake – an invisible trail of scented atoms drifting around like a fishing lure, hoping to catch a date. Unfortunately, most women admit to being seriously put off by this attack on their senses.

Choosing an aftershave

First of all, choose a decent fragrance. Go to the store and smell some samples. Apply some to different areas of your body, then go for a walk around the shops. After 30 minutes or so, have a sniff (or ask your partner/mate). Do they still smell as good? Or has your skin changed the aroma to something a bit unpleasant?

Avoid aftershaves that smell too sweet or perfumey. They can be very overpowering. Traditionally, men tend to wear fragrances that have ‘masculine’ tones. These will usually soften as the day goes on, leaving a subtle aroma that is clean, fresh and inviting. Sandalwood, oud and earthy wood-based blends are good choices – but remember to experiment as your skin’s own chemistry can alter the fragrance.

Less is more

The secret to smelling good is not to overdo it. A dab on each wrist and behind each ear is more than enough for an entire evening. The heat from your body will help release the fragrance gently and gradually around you – without overpowering the atmosphere. You want to achieve a gentle ‘waft’ of fragrance – not an assault.

Reviewed by Stephen

Reviewed by Stephen

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