Social Media Influencers

Aftershave Review is all about opinions – ours and yours. Our readers want to know what you think.

We are looking for SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS who post reviews of mens aftershaves, EDTs and colognes. We would love to post your review alongside our own. We will also post links to your social media sites and website as well as a picture of you (or your logo). This represents a great, and free, marketing opportunity for you.

If you do not see the product you would like to review on our website, fill in the form anyway. We will create a new review listing with your links and details on it.

Simply complete the form below then we will contact you for pictures/graphics and links. We review every submission to make sure it meets our requirements:

  • Minimum 250 words
  • Be creative (use feelings/descriptions)
  • No bad language
  • No links to competitors
  • We may edit the review (grammar / spelling)

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