Author: Reviewed by Stephen

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L’Homme Prada EDT

A clean and fresh fragrance that is extremely popular with men for office use. A lovely winter aftershave that offers a manly fragrance that is initially strong but not overpowering. The initial scent is powerful with hints of iris. This …[Read More]

Bleu de Chanel EDP

Sophisticated and elegant. This fragrance is a bottle of everything that the famous Chanel brand is known and respected for. Created by Jacques Polge, Blue de Chanel has a distinctive citrus top note that bursts into life when you first …[Read More]

Paco Rabanne One 1 Million

A hugely popular fragrance since it’s launch in 2008, One 1 Million has become a must-have fragrance for men of all ages. Not only does it smell great, it looks great too with it’s gold bar shaped bottle. Even if …[Read More]

Calvin Klein Contradiction

A warm musky oriental fragrance with beautiful soft woody undertones. A richly masculine aftershave that can be worn anywhere and everywhere. An essential aftershave for your collection. We love the design of the bottle. Warm and musky Sensual woody tones, …[Read More]

Gianni Versace Eau Fraiche

Elegant and sophisticated, Versace Man Eau Fraiche is everything a summer fragrance should be. Perfect for warm evenings eating out or entertaining guests outside while watching the sun set over the horizon. A masculine scent consisting of neroli and bergamot …[Read More]

Hugo Boss Bottled Night

Intense and masculine. A full on fragrance aimed at the younger male. Filled with ambition and energy. An earthy scent filled with passion. This fragrance packs quite a punch. One spray lasts a long time, so use sparingly. In a …[Read More]

Davidoff Adventure

Rich, warm and full of sensual character. Davidoff Adventure is a wonderful heady mixture of earthy scents and warming tones. After an initial powerful hit, the fragrance tones down to a warm inviting scent that you can confidently wear all …[Read More]