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Welcome to Aftershavereview.com! Whether you are after a gift for the friend/colleague/boyfriend/partner/husband or you need some aftershave for yourself, you have come to the right place. To me, aftershave choice is very important, it is much more than something “just to make you smell nice”, a man’s aftershave can give away a great deal of information his personality, confidence and intentions. Certain aftershaves are appropriate for some situations and not for others. For example, A&F (Abercrombie Fitch) Fierce is great for nights out but can be overpowering in a small office; and Lacoste Sport Red is sweet, light and fresh, ideal for casual wear in the summer.

When I refer to aftershave I mean the EDT spray version, unless otherwise stated. Aftershave is usually broken down into “notes”-top, middle and bottom. However, I will not really be referring to these in my reviews, I will instead be referring to what you can actually smell rather than what is in them and what people can smell in testing centres and laboratories. I will also be focussing on the more important aspects such as where I would recommend you should wear these aftershaves, how much of them you need (i.e. do they last) and how much you should be paying for them.

I will show you great places to buy aftershave online and since I don’t work for any cosmetic companies you have my word that all of my reviews are 100% unbiased and honest. After all, I have no reason to lie, but you may want to try before you buy as our tastes may not be the same, but I will make this apparent in my reviews if I think that an fragrance is quite an acquired taste. So, if you’re wondering “what aftershave”? Have a flick through my online reviews and see if you can decide which one would suit you. Whether you want a real “man aftershave”, an “old aftershave” or an “English Aftershave” , have a look through the reviews and decide today.

Reviews – Each Aftershave I review will get a rating out of 10.

My promise to you: All of my reviews are open, honest and uninfluenced. My sole aim is to assist you in choosing your next fragrance in the shortest time possible. Speaking of time, I have kept all of my reviews short and concise because time is a precious and irreplaceable asset we all possess. With the hectic lives most of us lead, we don’t have much spare time on our hands.

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